John Fleming receives nomination for increasing the use of “increasingly” and ‘A’ inflation.


John Fleming after aaaaaaaaaaaaan Increasingly Rough Night.

We are honored to announce that John Fleming has been nominated for the Increasingly Prestigious BS Prize and is hereby entitled to refer to himself as a BS Laureate Nominee.

John is the creator and presenter of the Increasingly Prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Award named after the increasingly deceased Malcolm Hardee.

In addition to his work in spreading the use of the word “Increasingly” John is also known for using ‘A’s to get ahead.

Rather than pester teachers to give him ‘A’s regardless of his work, grades, or intelligence, John has found it useful to use a string of ‘A’s in naming his shows. For example, he got first billing in this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Catalog with his show called Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrghhh! It’s the Increasingly Prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards Show – and It’s Free!

John Fleming is the king of the gratuitous ‘A’s placing him at the lead, 11 entries ahead of someone whose real name is presumably Aatif.

It is with humility and affection that we honor John Fleming and wish him luck in all his endeavors. The BS Prize committee only accepts nominations and never issues actual awards. Being the cheap bastards we are, we don’t even mail the certificates. However John may download and print out the certificate himself. Of course, there is the risk that he doesn’t consider the honor worth the cost of paper and printer ink so perhaps a friend will print the certificate and give it to him.


A high resolution PDF of this certificate can be found here: JohnFlemingCertificateA4



Author: Brooke Allen

Founder – Viral Virtue, Inc.

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