Note: Make your review FUN. You are dong PARODY and NOT JOURNALISM. Do not belittle the work of others except in a playful way that they find acceptable. Better yet, review yourself.

If you are doing a review for the Edinburgh Fringe, please keep in mind the following Principles from Secrets of the Fringe:

Inclusion. The Edinburgh Fringe is an open access arts festival. That means that if you can find a place to put on a show then you may do so, no matter who you are. Don’t judge performers too harshly. Give weight to effort, pluck, and grit.

Self-expression & Participation. The Edinburgh Fringe is about self-expression and it exists because the participants created it, not because the audience asked for it. Find ways of participating other than merely sitting in the audience.

Gifting. The Fringe is not about making money but is best seen as an act of gift giving. Performers and producers give their best efforts and audience members give appreciation and financial support.

Immediacy. Don’t allow yourself to be entertained away from the moment. Acknowledge the person handing you a flier, managing a venue, or performing on stage. Care about people and they will care back.

Even if you are not doing a show at the Fringe, consider using these principles in your everyday life anyway.

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