(Cut the Bullshit) Len Bakerloo Speaks Truth to Power

Len Bakerloo in his younger days.

Retired hedge fund manager, Len Bakerloo, has seen enough bullshit for two lifetimes and he won’t take it any more. In this lighthearted look at a serious topic he shows you how to stand up to bullshitters and their bullshit..

In this hilarious “must-see” performance Len explains that the worst bullshit is the bullshit you believe. Audience members get a free copy of Len’s Cut the Bullshit Game to take home and play with friends.

You can save $37,137 by seeing the show in New York City (or £23,554 by seeing it in Edinburgh). With this kind of money at stake it would be criminal not to see the show.


This review has earned the Total Bullshit rating.


Author: Len Bakerloo

Just a guy.

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